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Access Levels

VendorStat uses access levels as a way to setup permissions and identify the areas in a Health System facility that a Vendor Representative can visit. Each facility is broken into areas that require different precautions to maintain a safe working environment. For example, the lobby of an administrative office building is often a public and not a sterile working environment. But, an operating room or a laboratory each requires special consideration for maintaining the proper environment. Each area of a facility requires different controls on the people entering that area and how they enter.

Every Health System has unique needs for their facilities and each system can define the requirements for access differently. These differences appear in VendorStat as different credential requirements for each Health System. There are typically three access levels available in VendorStat - Non-Clinical, Clinical, and Restricted. Health Systems may also require all credentials to be fulfilled for all Vendor Representatives regardless of the areas they support or conduct their business.

Access Level examples:

Highly Restricted Clinical (Red)
Description: Access level for Vendor Representatives who provide products and services in highly restricted areas such as the Operating Room or the Pharmacy.

Clinical (Yellow)
Description: Access level for Vendor Representatives who visit non-restricted clinical areas such as Hospital Units, Research Centers, the Radiology Department, or General Clinical or Patient Care areas.

Non-Clinical (Green)
Description: Access level for Vendor Representatives who visit non- clinical areas including the Dietary, Laundry, and Landscaping Departments.

Each access level above Non-Clinical may require additional credentials to be submitted for compliance. The minimum access requirements are defined by the Health System and are based off of recommendations from the Joint Commission.
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