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ProTech Compliance is a Certified MBE

A Minority-owned Business Enterprise (MBE) is a for-profit U.S.-based enterprise which is owned, operated, and controlled by members of specified minority groups. Numerous government and non-profit organizations are involved in overseeing strict certification guidelines including financials, business ethics, and viability.

The MBE process has proven to be a vital one throughout the business community. Small and disadvantaged businesses achieve a greater chance to grow and prosper through increased visibility and contract opportunities, while larger corporations gain the opportunity to diversify their supplier base while supporting small business and development in underserved communities. During 2005, the largest U.S. corporations purchased more than $94.6 billion in goods and services supplied by MBEs.

ProTech Compliance is the only national healthcare vendor credentialing company certified as an MBE. In addition to providing innovative and effective credentialing and compliance solutions to the healthcare sector, we also offer hospitals and healthcare systems the unique opportunity to further satisfy their own sourcing, diversity, and community-based goals and requirements.